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Our ambition, values, principles of actions require that all employees in ExcelPlast Tunisie apply basic rules managing the performance of their duties.

Compliance with laws and regulations:

ExcelPlast Tunisie adheres to the highest standards in the conduct of its activities, particularly in respect of human rights, social rights and environment. As part of his professional activities, each employee in ExcelPlast Tunisie must, under all circumstances, demonstrate integrity and comply with laws and regulations that apply to it.

Respectfor people
Healthcare And safety at work

Each employee has the right to work in safe and healthy working conditions, and the duty to contribute through responsible behaviour.

The safety policy of ExcelPlast Tunisie concerns all of its employees, subcontractors and service providers. Each employee in ExcelPlast Tunisie undertakes his professional activities in accordance with the rules of safety, hygiene and health conditions applicable on the workplace and participate in planned training in these areas.

Prevention of discriminatory actions

ExcelPlast Tunisie is committed to providing its employees with equal opportunities and recognition Career, whatever their origins, sex, creed or disability, and does not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment.

Respect for third parties

Each employee must contribute to the respect of the commitments made with partners of ExcelPlast Tunisie, especially customers, suppliers and governments, and demonstrate objectivity and Fairness in their treatment.

Environment's Respect

Respect for Environment and conservation of natural resources in its operations and at customer sites are major priorities for ExcelPlast Tunisie. It is up to each employee as part of his duties, to contribute to the efforts and commitment of the company in accordance with applicable regulations and procedures of the Group in terms of environmental protection.

Compliance with regulations of competition law

The competition law shall apply with all aspects of the commercial activity in the company Negotiating with customers and suppliers, contacts with competitors, marketing and sales promotion.

Are not permitted: any agreement or even discussion with competitors regarding pricing or other trading conditions, the limitation of production, customers allocation or sales territories..

The fact of violating the rules of competition law makes incur serious risks to ExcelPlast Tunisie, its employees and its shareholders. The law provides penalties that can be severe for individuals and corporations while wearing a deep affect to the reputation of the company.

Compliance with the rules on insider trading

Any employee who becomes aware of information which, if made public, would be likely to influence the market price of the ExcelPlast Tunisie action must preserve the confidentiality of this information and shall not carry out or recommend to a third to proceed, or to make transactions on those actions.

Prevention of conflicts of interest
  • relationship with a competitor, customer, supplier: Employees must avoid any situation that involves a conflict between their personal interests and the company interests. May constitute a conflict of interest the fact that an employee work simultaneously for a customer, supplier or competitor or hold significant interests directly or indirectly with them. Each employee who may be in a situation involving a conflict of interests, must bring to the attention of his superior and the Chief Executive.
  • Compliance with rules on corruption: It is forbidden to pour, offer or grant benefits of improper values in whatever form, directly or through an intermediary, to a private person or a public authority representative in order to get a favour treatment or influence the outcome in negotiations in which ExcelPlast Tunisie is interested
  • Payments derived, gifts and benefits: No employee shall accept from a competitor, customer or supplier of Excelplast Tunisie and offer them remuneration, gifts or other benefits. Only gifts or invitations with low value, which are not paid in cash and in accordance with commercial practice, and not against the laws or regulations may be accepted.
Protection of ExcelPlast Tunisie activities
  • Information Protection: Every employee must protect and keep confidential non-public information and strategic, financial, technical or commercial documents , which if disclosed to third parties could undermine the interests of ExcelPlast Tunisie. As well, personal information, professional or related to the privacy of persons a confidential nature must be accompanied by all necessary precautions to prevent alteration or disclosure. The duty of confidentiality also applies to information entrusted by partners and customers of ExcelPlast Tunisie. It is up to each employee in ExcelPlast Tunisie to respect these rules regarding the information protection. This duty of confidentiality continues even after the departure of the employee from ExcelPlast Tunisie. It is also the duty of every employee to strictly follow the guidelines for computer security.
  • Protection of goods and resources: Each employee is responsible for the correct use and protection of goods and resources of ExcelPlast Tunisie such as intellectual property, facilities, equipment and financial resources or species. These goods and resources must be used in accordance with their professional purpose and within the framework established by ExcelPlast Tunisie. They cannot be used for personal purposes. Finally, it is up to each employee to protect the goods and resources of ExcelPlast Tunisie against any damage, alteration fraud, loss or theft.
  • Information transparency and integrity: ExcelPlast Tunisie aims at greater transparency and highest standards regarding integrity and reliability of financial, accounting and management information processed or communicated. All employees involved in the production, analysis, preservation or communication of this information must perform these operations with integrity and transparency.
Internal control and audit

The internal control system implemented by ExcelPlast Tunisie (particularly in terms of compliance with laws, regulations, policies or procedures, protection of goods and reliability of financial information) contribute to the control of its activities, the efficiency of its operations and the efficient use of its resources.

All employees in ExcelPlast Tunisie must contribute to the efficiency of internal control, and cooperate with internal and external audits intervening in the evaluation of these devices, including through diligence and transparency in their responses to any information requests.

Code of Conduct Implementation:

In case of doubt about the interpretation or application in a particular situation of the rules contained in this document, each employees ExcelPlast Tunisie must report it to his supervisor or the Human Resources Department. Moreover, it can be taken any punitive action against an employee who in good faith point out a breach of the rules set out in this document.

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