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The principles of action ExcelPlast Tunisie reaffirm the values of the company for its main stakeholders, the environment, innovation and organization ..

Our customers

ExcelPlast Tunisie anticipates market evolutions, continuously listens its customers, provides them with technology, innovative and competitive products and services and keeps its commitments. Professionalism and rigor ensure the security, availability and reliability of its services and products.

ExcelPlast Tunisie undertakes for its customers on a daily as long-term by investing for their own account and providing them regular service over the long term under clear contractual relationships and respecting the interests of parties.

Our collaborators

ExcelPlast Tunisie ensures its success as well as collaborators success by developing their motivation for their job and their performance requirements.

We ensure to all employees working conditions based on safety, respect of persons, rejection of any discrimination, on competitive remunerations in compliance with performance and on the diversity culture, openness and transparency .

ExcelPlast Tunisie brings together all of its employees by mobilizing their initiative, their sense of responsibility and professionalism and strongly encouraging teamwork and knowledge sharing.

ExcelPlast Tunisie prepares employees for future challenges through the development of skills, training, occupational and geographical mobility and dialogue.

Our shareholders

The shareholder satisfaction and loyalty allow to ExcelPlast Tunisie to register his long-term strategy.

By providing us with the resources to allow us to grow the shareholder deserves special attention. It is therefore central to the concerns of ExcelPlast Tunisie and its leaders. All decisions are taken in the interest of the company and its shareholders to ensure a growing value of our heritage.

Our suppliers and partners

Relationships between ExcelPlast Tunisie and its suppliers are based on an objective and continuous evaluation of their performance on the criteria of quality, competitiveness and service.

As a result of the nature of its business and the demands of its international clientele, ExcelPlast Tunisie attaches growing importance to the capacity of its suppliers and its partners to support overall and guarantee a high level of security, reliability and competitiveness.

Authorities and local communities

ExcelPlast Tunisie complies with the laws and regulations, especially with regard to social legislation, competition and the environment, and under certain conditions, it establishes its own standards more demanding. ExcelPlast Tunisie does not occur in the operation of political life.

It is a good citizen and implemented the principles of governance and transparency of the company. ExcelPlast Tunisie fights all kinds of corruption.

Independence does not mean indifference, ExcelPlast Tunisie participates in the economic and social development of the region where it operates through its technical, industrial and economic activities. ExcelPlast Tunisie promotes community initiatives especially in the areas of environment, health and education.

The environment

ExcelPlast Tunisie complies with the laws, regulations and standards relating to the environment. Thanks to its technology, it continually improves the energy efficiency of its own facilities and control discards. ExcelPlast Tunisie is an important actor in sustainable development.

In industry, ExcelPlast Tunisie promotes technologies, products and services, which once implemented in the processes of its customers, improves efficiency and quality and reduces emissions.

In Energies and natural resources, ExcelPlast Tunisie implements technologies that contribute significantly to improve the overall environmental performance.

A culture of innovation and performance:

Innovation, including the technological, and performance are core values of ExcelPlast Tunisie since its inception.

Innovation is a key pillar of the strategy of growth and success of the company. It results not only of the activity of research and development but also of the creativity of all employees, which is stimulated, recognized and shared through an organized management system .

Performance is the primary goal in ExcelPlast Tunisie in all fields and at all levels. It is the result of the skills of all employees, their ability to grow continuously, the willingness to work as a team and share best practices for practical implementation.

Regularity in the performance is achieved thanks to a rigorous management. This requires measurement tools, action for recognition and membership to all a common frame of reference in the discipline.

System and organization:

ExcelPlast Tunisie has a clear strategy with priorities in the medium term, annual action plans, principles of actions and policies that allow all collaborators to mobilize their energies in a consistent approach.

The organization ExcelPlast Tunisie is based on two principles resulting from the nature of its business, both local and global.

A near terrain and flexible organization allows:

  • to be attentive to the customers to meet their expectations in each market,
  • to ensure the security, availability and reliability of services and products,
  • to mobilize the talents and initiatives.
  • to ensure a rapid response to daily and operational issues,

A pooling of knowledge and supports in terms of jobs and functions, and the use of project management if necessary, facilitate the sharing and enrichment of knowledge, accelerate implementations and increase efficiency . Regular risk analysis leads to implement the means of manage and mitigate its impact;

Finally, the internal audit function to ensure that our principles of action, as well as the rules and processes that flow from it, are respected and that the systems are appropriate and efficient.

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